Thursday, August 21, 2008

Crushing their “Plan B”

Mabuhay and congratulations to the nation for thwarting the underhanded Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between the Arroyo government and the MILF -- both US puppets -- to dismember parts of Mindanao and steal our immense patrimony.

These conspirators, led by the oil powers behind the US establishment, saw their plots in disarray from the enraged reaction of the Filipino people. But they will soon regain composure and shift to “Plan B,” which is to sow fear and chaos, and sensationalize local and international news by way of deliberate and planned atrocities or bombings leading to two directions: (a) Cha-cha and variations of it for Gloria, and (b) deployment of “international peacekeepers” pursuant to the strategic plan of the US and MILF once the latter gains “belligerency status.”

Inasmuch as we have read the moves of these conspirators to dismember Mindanao long before, as evidenced by our “Kosovo in Mindanao ” piece five years ago, we are more than able to calculate their next moves today.

Truly, we’ve kept pace with these conspirators’ every move in the past decades, such as their patterns in “Balkanizing” Yugoslavia and in breaking away Kosovo, and their oh-so-similar move of separating East Timor, which eventually led to “invited” Australian “peacekeepers” acting as referees in a brewing civil war, but in actuality, are there clamping down on nationalist elements that demand their birthright to the East Timorese continental shelf oil.

Knowing the plans of these conspirators can also help us avoid the traps they have set to sink us further in a quagmire of “perpetual fraternal war.”

During my interview with retired Commodore Rex Robles for our Tuesday Talk News TV show, I was educated on the various modes of destabilizing a country. He narrated a session with some American intelligence officers who said that one of their methods is just to start giving free arms and ammunitions to various local communities, which invariably find their way to domestic quarrels to criminal and political-ideological conflicts.

This then led me to Operation Greenbase, where junior officers were instructed by military top brass, apparently working under US State Department direction, to lob grenades into mosques to trigger ethnic tensions, as exposed by Senator Trillanes and the Bagong Katipuneros (a.k.a. Magdalo) at Oakwood.

I also recalled the episode with Michael Meiring, the American who was severely injured by a bomb he was assembling in Davao ’s Evergreen Hotel, which coincided with the series of bombings in Davao , including the one at Sasa Wharf , which were then blamed on “Muslim separatists.”

Meiring was subsequently rushed to hospital for treatment, but when Mayor Duterte et al. were about to launch an investigation, the US Embassy swooped down on the facility, paid Meiring’s bills and sent him posthaste back to the US.

Mainstream media in the Philippines has been quiet about Meiring, but we’ve always reminded everyone about this. Google “Michael Meiring” and you will find many articles on the “CIA operative” living alternately in Houston and in Colorado .

But just the same, the US now has the MILF and its “lost command” to do these bombings and other atrocities.

The evil and subversive operations of the US and the MILF would be easy to quash if the Philippine government were genuinely after establishing stability and order. Yet the greatest tragedy today is the fact that the Arroyo regime is in cahoots with these forces that seek to dismember Mindanao .

After failing to slip the MoA past people’s attention and scrutiny, Gloria Arroyo and her various minions are now obfuscating, creating smokescreens by alternately claiming the MoA has been “aborted” or to be “renegotiated.” The latest statement from Ermita, however, that there will be a “review” only means Gloria will still ram the agreement down the throat of this nation, using the argument that peace is still “cheaper” than waging war -- a really cheap argument that harks back to ex-presidential spokesman Rigoberto Tiglao’s remark in 2002 that returning the camps to the MILF and reviving “peace talks” was cheaper than war.

What these knuckleheads still refuse to admit is that at that time, the MILF was no longer a threat! Ah, but maybe that’s why Michael Meiring had to enter the picture -- to give the “Muslim insurgency” a shot in the arm.

Seriously, though, after eight years of Arroyo’s “appeasement” but still with countless lives lost, including that of 41-year-old PMAer Col. Benitez, how can the cost of her “peace” be accounted for?

Perhaps, one only has to dig deeper to realize that the Arroyo regime, like the Cory Aquino government, is contaminated by agents of influence of foreign governments like Norberto Gonzales, who twice brought back to life dead rebellions -- those of Nur Misuari and Hashim Salamat. Not surprisingly, he has had the “red carpet” in Sabah since his “Light-a-Fire” days, courtesy of Malaysian intel.

To defeat the dismemberment conspirators’ “Plan B,” we need to first demolish the MILF leadership as President Estrada did in 2000, to strip the US, Malaysia and Gloria of one of their pawns. We must invigorate diplomatic ties with rising anti-imperialist governments in Venezuela , Bolivia , Paraguay , etc. and evolving “multi-polar” world powers such as Russia and China to counter US domination and subversion. We must accelerate development of the wealth of Mindanao and democratize its fruits. And with the region’s natural resources so plain to see, every bank in the world will scramble to be the first to extend it loans. But for these to happen, regime change must first transpire. Above all, we must not allow the situation to become a Christian-Muslim fight but focus instead on the nation’s crusade against the three-headed US-MILF-Gloria hydra.

As our OFW compatriot Lourdes Ceballos said: “This ‘deal’ you say between the US and Gloria to sell out ‘Philippine sovereignty’ is food for thought that calls for action by Filipinos wherever they are, such as the overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) scattered all over the globe…There (lies) the danger of separating the rich natural resources in Mindanao from the total wealth of the Philippines as one nation. Peace and progress in Mindanao should be worked out by Filipinos without the dangers posed by viewpoints involving religion, ancestral territorial domain, and foreign influence.” Hence, our clarion call, “Pilipinas para sa Pilipino!”

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