Monday, October 5, 2009

People versus the Yellow rot

After observations that there was severe scarcity in government and Armed Forces of the Philippines helicopters in the “Ondoy” flooding rescue effort, I checked out the numbers past and present. I gathered from several retired military generals that during the Marcos era in the 1970s, AFP helicopter assets numbered from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 150 units. Today, the AFP’s helicopter complement hovers between 25 to 30 units — max. Imagine these two dozen helicopters having to serve anti-insurgency operations in Mindanao and other parts of the country while at the same time trying to fly over to the flood rescue operations? No wonder we couldn’t see helicopters plucking flood victims from roof and tree tops — when in the past we could find so many photo records of such rescues!

When I asked the retired generals about the absence of amphibious trucks in the Ondoy disaster, none of them could cite any existing units of amphibian trucks in the Coast Guard or Navy. In contrast, we can remember during the Marcos era’s flood crises such as “Gloring” and “Edeng,” which were almost double in wind and flood intensity, that amphibian trucks were ubiquitous. For so long, even the number of C-130 planes of the Air Force had been down to just one unit; and only recently was an old C-130 finally re-commissioned, in order to make for two now in flying condition. Undoubtedly, the Armed Forces of a nation is its pillar. The whole world was reminded of this during the 60th anniversary parade of the People’s Republic of China which brought two aspects of modern China to fore: Its military might — most prominently displayed, followed by its economic progress.

The crisis in AFP capabilities reflects the massive overall decay and deterioration — rot for short — of government’s capabilities under 21 years of Yellow governance. This rot followed policies initiated by Cory Aquino: Trade liberalization crippling government tariff generation; flood of imports and smuggling devastating domestic agriculture and industry, thus shrinking the revenue base; deregulation and privatization transferring trillions of GOCC (government corporations like Napocor, Petron, PNOC, etc.) revenues; and corruption throughout the three Yellow governments of Cory, FVR and Arroyo, none of which has been called to account. The greatest blow to AFP resources was the massive and mysterious loss of the AFP modernization fund by Ramos, which he has not answered for to this day. Yet the Yellows could so quickly prosecute President Estrada on trumped-up trifles.

The Yellows have ruled for 21 years, reasoning, rationalizing, arguing for the demotion of the State and the Republic of, for and by the people. The Yellows favor power and exploitation by, of and for the few — the oligarchy and corporatocracy. Their argument is imposed through the money-controlled, Pied Piper media: Mesmerizing the population into a catatonic state of passivity, subservience and social-historical suicide at the altar of the Yellow idols and false gods (adding Cory Aquino’s statue soon) erected at Mammon’s Ayala Avenue , Makati . In the Ondoy deluge, ABS-CBN and its Yellow acolytes pack relief goods on TV, subliminally reinforcing the Yellow mythology. In truth, ABS-CBN and its ilk suck billions away that could have obtained choppers, boats, and Doppler radars for the public good.

For 21 years, the Yellows have gypped the people this way; thus, this con game should end.

One of the lies of the Yellows is about media — that media today are a direct antithesis of the controlled media during Marcos’ time. In a Global News Network Talk News TV interview, Yellow leader Frank Drilon, wagged his fingers, lecturing the interviewee that, “I know you’ve criticized Cory Aquino. If it weren’t for Cory Aquino you wouldn’t be able to talk this freely.” To which the interviewer retorted that he, too, was at Edsa so the Yellows have no monopoly over righteous claims. More important was Drilon’s slick lie: That there was absolutely no media space under Marcos while it has been absolutely free under the Yellows. We Forum and Malaya, dzME on radio, were the mosquito press and media in Marcos’ time; today, it is us in the Tribune. Although in both eras, the mosquito media have been severely restricted by advertising boycotts by corporations and government institutions, they still plodded on.

Despite our misgivings, we have to hazard a chance for change in the 2010 elections. The big con, however, is the Yellow spiel that their candidate is antithetical to and separate from the Gloria administration. Gloria Arroyo is a creature of the Yellow forces, one whom the Yellows have not cut out from their continuing legacy. Cory Aquino tried by starting an apology for installing the Arroyo regime, but the Yellows and their presidential candidate shrugged that off as “a joke.” They deny the mother of their movement rather than rectify the error of installing Gloria. President Estrada and the movement behind him remain the only true anti-Gloria option throughout the past nine years, and in 2010. Gloria is, in fact, helping the Yellow candidate by preserving the non-factor Yellow oligarchy. Gibo has sunk even lower after his disastrous Ondoy disaster performance.

The issue in the 2010 election boils down to the Yellows and the rot they have caused in 21 years. The people are suffering while the oligarchy and corporatocracy ride high the chariots of private profit. Isn’t it any wonder that yellow ribbons flutter in Ayala Avenue and Araneta Center , the two hotbeds of Mammon?

The 2010 election should be a showdown of the People versus the Pro-Profit Yellows who have to be stopped from doing more damage — or nothing will be left to the next generation: No helicopters, no ships, no armed forces anymore, not even government or public institutions, like the failed states western powers love to invade to “save from themselves.” The chaos and helplessness we saw in the flood crises in Marikina , Cainta, Tanay, and other stricken areas foreshadow the future national collapse if the Yellows run the country any second longer.