Friday, August 8, 2008

Ambassador Kenney – MILF coddler.

In 2003, I wrote a column entitled, “Kosovo in Mindanao ,” referring to the Balkanization of Serbia and Kosovo with the full backing of Western powers. With Kosovo having been part of the Serbian national territory, which functioned as a multi-ethnic, multi-religious society for a thousand years, the latter fell apart when the US-British led NATO campaign broke it up. Undeniably, Western powers armed and funded the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to start its separatist movement. And here in today’s Mindanao, the MILF’s US , British and Malaysian allies are similarly backing this otherwise toothless group. True enough, when the MILF land grab was deferred by the Supreme Court TRO , US Ambassador Kristie Kenney quickly expressed deep disappointment.

“It’s disappointing but not something you can’t continue to work through,” said Kenney on the heels of the aborted agreement-signing that would have granted a separate state to the MILF. Why is the US Embassy interfering in the country’s internal affairs, particularly in this highly charged separation of part of the nation’s territory? Indeed, the American ambassador has only proven that she doesn’t have any qualms in showing her office’s true intent in praising the most unpopular economic policies of Gloria like the rVAT and now, the sellout of Mindanao territories. Thus, US intentions are now exposed for what they are -- subversion to exploit and gain control of parts of Mindanao to loot our national patrimony.

For his part, Alejandro “Ding” Lichauco pinpoints the international oil powers, a.k.a. the Western oligarchy, as the ones trying to control Mindanao ’s riches. Why this huge interest? Liguasan Marsh in Central Mindanao alone holds 1.3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas worth up to $600 billion. Likewise, oil deposits, connected to the submarine structures from which Sabah draws its oil and other fossil fuel resources, lay waiting in the Sulu Sea . These reasons, and more, should already prompt Filipinos to understand who the real enemy is.

The MILF is a mere shell, an empty cloth puppet with the hand of US-British and oil powers moving MILF Chairman, Murad Ibrahim, as well as, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and others in the “traitor class” like Esperon to do their bidding.

Some Filipinos just can’t fathom the apparent stupidity of Gloria and Esperon in accepting this “peace agreement” that is not merely a virtual but an actual sellout of the Philippines . But more than that, I contend that this is a fait accompli the Arroyo government was presented with by Bush and company, an ultimatum for the sudden acceptance of Gloria’s request for a visit to Bush last June, in exchange for the silent acquiescence of the US to whatever gimmick she may use to extend her term.

Hence, it’s no longer a mystery why the People’s Initiative (PI) and the Cha-cha started moving simultaneously underground as the GRP-MILF “peace agreement” rolled in Kuala Lumpur . That being the case, Satur Ocampo’s ambiguous, non-condemnatory position on the US-MILF land grab also becomes suspect. Is the NDF in cahoots too?

Few Filipinos know that the US had delisted the MILF from its roster of terrorist organizations even while the latter and its different disguised affiliates like the Abu Sayyaf continued to sow various forms of terror in Mindanao ’s countryside.

Why then did the US do this, on top of having USAID through Growth with Equity in Mindanao (GEM) pour in “aid” in the tens of millions of dollars over the years and set up a shopping mall in Cotabato City and countless waiting sheds marked, “Donated by USAID,” which, according to veteran Mindanao hand and former Mayor Jun Simon, smacks of a political campaign for US presence in these areas? Perhaps, a few hundred million in “aid” is dirt cheap considering the hundreds of billions of dollars to be tapped from Mindanao ’s riches?

Ostensibly, the MILF leadership is just a puppet paper tiger -- its fangs already pulled out in June 2000 by President Joseph E. Estrada and the AFP in the half-year “all out war” campaign, which resulted in the organization’s complete rout, the GRP takeover of Camp Abubakkar among others, and the flight of its late chief Hashim Salamat to Kuala Lumpur. But all these were laid to waste in January 2001 when Estrada got deposed by a so-called “People Power II,” which saw the instant resurrection of the MILF, the restoration of its camps, and the increase of its funds. Even more telling is that this power grab was actually a project of the US State Department, which had American corporate backing coursed through Cardinal Sin and the Makati Business Club.

In recent history, another instructive parallel to what’s happening in Mindanao is East Timor . When Portugal withdrew from East Timor, Western powers allowed Indonesia to take it over to stop Marxist guerillas. Throughout Indonesia ’s rule, however, the West continued to support the guerilla movement, Fretilin, and raised human rights and independence issues on and on. When the West was ready to tap the East Timor shelf oil, it yanked Indonesia out then propped up sham democratic leaders like Jose Ramos-Horta. Then, when rebellions sprouted, Australia (the US-British deputy in the Pacific) sent in “peacekeepers,” who now actively hunt down indigenous rebels opposing Australian control and those who demand a fair share of East Timor ’s oil resources for native East Timorese.

What action we take as a people on the Mindanao crisis today determines the fortunes of Filipinos for the next 25 years. If 40 years ago, the Jabidah project to regain Sabah had not been scuttled by inept intelligence trainers and the irresponsible expos√© of Benigno Aquino, Jr., our nation would not have become the poor man of Asean today. Once we strengthen Filipino sovereignty over the trillion dollar resources of Mindanao , we will not only pay off our $60-billion foreign debt but have resources for development, growth and real prosperity for generations to come. We don’t have to be poor, hopeless and doomed. Our dream of prosperity makes imperative our fight and triumph against the US , British and the local “traitor class.”

This is the time to fight “The Last Revolution” against the MILF coddlers, especially since the US is losing South America, is muddled in Iraq , Afghanistan , Pakistan and Iran , and has lost in Central Asia ; with the local traitor class of oligarchs, corrupt trapos like Gloria, traitor soldiers like Esperon being utterly discredited. If we do not fight, we lose everything. In a hard fought victory, we gain everything -- “To arms then, countrymen!”

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