Monday, March 30, 2009

The US-Gloria cha-cha

If we are among the poorest in Asia today, it is because external forces have suffocated the internal, nationalist impetus toward development and progress. Our potential for greatness, with the wealth of our national patrimony and the talents and drive of our people, has been repeatedly stymied by the powerful forces of globalization, capturing the State, its instrumentalities and other vital social institutions--all for the plunder of our nation. What we have today is a political regime that continues the onerous payment of usurious debts to globalist bankers and Filipino businesses, economists who offer up the Philippines to the feeding frenzy of transnational corporations, and a national armed and police force that undermines our sovereignty and basic freedoms. 

This pillage of our nation has been done on the altar of globalization. One of its high priests, tall and beaming with blue eyes, has just suddenly descended on our shores out of the blue, to consecrate another round of supposed “peace” negotiations between the MILF and the Philippine government. Despite being in a position to know the real issues, “Hallelujahs” are all that can be heard from our Establishment media, buttressed by acolytes from the Ateneo, as well as, top honchos of Big Business groups, who have waved palm fronds and thrown rose petals along his path. 

Of course, even if Tony Blair was invited to speak on “The Leader as a Nation Builder in a Globalizing World,” nothing was said about his propagation of the US-British lie on Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that was later used as justification for the war on a sovereign Iraq . Even if this was subsequently modified as owing to the murders committed under Saddam such as the Halabja poison gas attack, from which 5,000 were killed and 10,000 were injured, the irrefutable fact remains that the “Second Iraq War”--which has caused up to a million Iraqi civilian deaths, along with an additional four million displaced, plus over 2,500 of targeted killings against Iraqi scientists, academics, artists, and physicians—has turned out to be the 21st Century’s first real genocidal rampage, reminiscent only of the massacres at Balangiga (here in the Philippines) during the 20th Century. 
Last week, we reported on the indictments against Blair by the Movement for the Advancement of International Criminal Law and the International War Crimes Tribunal (also in The Hague ) for war crimes including the “Killing and Injuring [of] a Defenseless Population throughout Yugoslavia ” and “[The Use of] Depleted Uranium, Cluster Bombs and Other Prohibited Weapons.” This time, we add the accusations against Blair by the Athens Bar Association for “The repeated, blatant violations by the United States and Britain of the stipulations of the four 1949 Geneva conventions, the 1954 convention of The Hague as well as the charter of the international criminal court, [constituting] war crimes and crimes against humanity,” in a case it filed before the International Criminal Court on Bush’s invasion of Iraq and his massacre of civilians. 

Indeed, Blair’s illegal wars have spanned the Clinton and Bush administrations, but there’s more. Blair has gotten himself embroiled in other equally damaging scandals including the mysterious death of David Kelly, UK adviser on Iraqi arms programs who had exposed the WMD lie; his financial donations scandals involving racing promoter Bernie Ecclestone, steel tycoon Lakshmi Mittal and investor Srichand Hinduja; and the “cash for peerages” affair involving his right hand man Mandelson. Despite all these, by simply being the darling of the globalist elite clustered around the Bilderberg Group of the world’s super-oligarchs, which recruited him in its 1993 Athens secret meeting, something that Blair lied about until exposed by members of the British Parliament, this dirty politician was still able to rise to the rarefied heights of international prestige. 

By the way, Bill Clinton attended the Bilderberg meet of 1991, too, two years before Blair, and the two soon became leaders of their respective powerful countries which led to their “wars for peace” all over the globe. Now, Blair visited the Philippines to promote “peace” between it and the already defeated MILF, which had to run to Uncle Sam to offer its vassalage. 

Wherever I hear Blair speak of peace, I recall two British SAS soldiers in Basra dressed in Arab garb setting up a car bomb in that city in 2005, where they were caught by Iraqi police and jailed--only to be sprung by British tanks and forces. Another is in Baghdad , where two Americans disguised in Arab clothes were caught by Iraqis when the two tried to blow up a booby-trapped car in the Ghazaliyah district. 

Blair and the Americans may not need to have their soldiers and operatives do these black ops in the Philippines anymore as there are enough locals--in the military, the police, and the MILF--to do it for them. 

I don’t know if we’re going to still be able to save Mindanao from dismemberment in this process of “a-peace-ment.” Mindanao ’s wealth is in the vital interest of the world’s globalist forces and they’ll settle for even an extended Gloria term if necessary, and probably most conveniently. They have a mutual interest in the Cha-cha as Gloria needs her extension and the globalists need the repeal of the protectionist provisions that would enhance the strength of their “ancestral domain” doctrine. 

The fait accompli could be a failure of elections in 2010 whereby Gloria goes into hold-over mode and dances off to a Cha-cha with the religious and opposition sectors stymied. 

In the face of such schemes, Blair and Obama can easily activate their good old black ops, behead a few more civilians, bomb a few buses and churches or mosques, and pummel the Filipino psyche into acquiescence--unless patriots from the Armed Forces of the Philippines unite with nationalist forces to end this neo-colonial charade once and for all. Only a truly nationalist agenda can defeat the globalists’ evil designs.